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“I’ve known Frank Meyer for well over 15 years and — having worked with him in many capacities from producing, directing, writing and performing — Frank is one of the most multi-talented of all the artists I’ve ever met. I also have the distinct honor of calling him a friend as well as collaborator, which is rare in this industry. He is the true epitome of a ‘Rock Star’.”

Joe Lynch
Director (Suitable Flesh, Everly, Mayhem) 

“Frank is one of the most passionate and talented directors I’ve ever worked with, full stop. He’s got an almost supernatural sense of how to manage a shoot to get the absolute best out of a crew. And he’s amongst the best directors I’ve ever seen at handling talent. When I need a director, he’s my first call every time.”

Robert Juster
Digital Reacharound Productions

“Frank Meyer is the kind of guy you want in your corner. He is fiercely determined and nothing gets in his way once he sets his mind to it. He has an eye for subtlety, as well as for the big shots. He really does it all behind that camera.”

Eddie Spaghetti
Supersuckers Frontman

“Frank Meyer is one of those outstanding directors that has a way of disarming talent with his sense of humor, patience, kindness, authenticity, creativity and professionalism. Frank will give you 110% every single time.”

Matt Lake
Fender Play Instructor 

“Frank Meyer has consistently been my top choice as a Director/Producer for all my production needs. His commitment to his craft and the breadth of his capabilities seem boundless, never ceasing to amaze me. He just never stops.

Jason Valdez

“Frank has a special ability to bring out authenticity and energy in the performers he directs. When working with Frank, his in-ear direction, interaction and motivation are always well-timed and thought out and his ideas and direction consistently helped me interact with the virtual audience even more confidently and authentically. Not only during performance did he bring great energy, but constantly around the set. Seeing his name on the call-sheet ensured we’d have a fun, yet relaxed time on set!”

Nicolette Amarillas
Tonal Instructor

“When working on set with Frank Meyer, not only do we kick ass and get a TON of work done, but we are surrounded by great people, and great attitudes. Frank has endless energy and the best ideas for content. I would make myself available for as many of his shoots as I possibly can. He is one of a kind.”

Sarah Remetch

“For over a decade, I’ve had the delightful opportunity to work with Frank Meyer. Frank’s visionary approach brings everyone together, fostering a seamless flow on set and throughout the creative process. He is a true collaborator, making it effortless and enjoyable to work alongside him.

Julie Cuomo
Makeup & Hair Artist 

“Frank brings an amazing, warm and professional energy to his sets. He comes into a project knowing what he wants, which means every second is used efficiently. He brings talented cast and crew members and with all of his skills and know-how, his projects turn out magnificently each time.”

Ashley Trutanich

“Frank Meyer will consume your ideas and words and will then proceed to pour his soul and every last ounce of passion and energy into making it a masterpiece. In my years working with Frank as a director, I’ve never known him to put ‘some’ effort into his projects…it’s all or nothing and we’re all better off because of it.”

John Dreyer
Fender Musical Instruments 

“Frank Meyer is a man with taste who knows how to execute a video shoot from start to finish. Plus, he’s a groovy guy!

Blag Dahlia
Dwarves Vocalist 

“Frank Meyer has been a key figure in the Los Angeles underground for the past thirty years.”

Ruta 66

“Frank Meyer is one of the essential figures of the American underground scene, a guy who sweats creativity from every pore of his body.

Rock Bottom

Let’s Work Together